Press Roundup: THE HELLO GIRLS


"…Move over, Mean Girls and Wicked: There's a new musical exploding with grrrl power, female camaraderie and uplifting songs, and it teaches an essential piece of history to boot.... Ten quadruple-threat performers play all the parts and most of the instruments.... Undeniably inspirational..."
Time Out New York

"…Thrilling... smart, human and sardonically feminist, with a lively ragtime-and-jazz score... there is a palpable sense of filling in an important blank: showing an adventurous female presence in the war story we thought we knew... It boasts an excellent cast of actor-musicians who have a multitasking ease as they play the instruments scattered around Lianne Arnold's clever, giant-pegboard set. A handsomely designed production, it also sounds terrific..."
The New York Times

"…Filled with memorable songs and brilliant performances, it is a musical as triumphant as the true story on which it is based... Mills has filled this action-packed war story with instant-classic songs... Most impressive is Reichel's use of actor-musicians: Playing a romantic interest in the story, Matthew McGloin also plays a very Parisian accordion... you're unlikely to see a more talented group of performers anywhere in New York: This is a cast that can act, dance, and play multiple instruments while singing in French... a joyous experience..."

“…The nineteen melodies Mills has written for The Hello Girls give everyone a chance to shine. That includes…a particularly amusing duet ‘Switchboard Lessons’ when Skyler Volpe's Suzanne is assigned to train a wounded soldier (Matthew McGloin's Private Matterson) to operate a switchboard…First-class entertainment...musically rich, beautifully staged and vibrantly performed…”

“…Matthew McGloin as Pvt. Matterson is quite diverting as he verbally jousts with Volpe’s snappish Susanne Prevot and he gives as good as he gets without being out of bounds…”

"…Intelligent, musically superb, well-directed... Prospect Theater Company have outdone themselves with this production... The cast is a phenomenon... a show not to miss..."
Times Square Chronicles

"…One of the best new musicals I've seen Off-Broadway. A smart, crisply written book by Peter Mills and Cara Reichel links a sequence of superb musical numbers... All the characters are drawn with depth and complexity... The production is a consummate ensemble piece. The action glides from number to number, all the creative and technical elements working smoothly in concert... a winner on all fronts…"

“Simply stated, don't miss it...fascinating historical story, great music, an exceptional cast, and the finest staging...The company of The Hello Girls is tops...”

“…The story is told through 19 original songs, with minimal dialogue. Each actor doubles as a musician, playing accordion, bass, clarinet, drums, guitar, piano, violin, and xylophone in addition to belting a tune. They’re all terrific—not only excellent actors but wonderful singers, dancers, and story-tellers…a rousing and enjoyable piece of theater…"
Theater Is Easy

“…Terrific beyond belief...Mills is a deft lyricist…one of our major lyric writing talents…”

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