First time doing this

Welcome to my blog :-)  May it bring something fresh and stimulating to anyone who reads it (and hopefully as well to the man who's writing it).

With my first post, I'd like to share an excerpt from Helen Hayes' memoir A Gift of Joy, specifically the chapter in which she talks about a moment when she was briefly alone with F. Scott Fitzgerald, a personal friend of her and her husband Charlie.  Charlie is out of the room and Helen shares with Fitzgerald that her husband is experiencing sadness at the loss of his own 'productive force' as he grows older.  Fitzgerald says to her, "Helen, what difference does it make whether he produces masterpieces for four people around a dinner table or for four million readers of The Saturday Evening Press?  The chances are that those people at the dinner table understand and appreciate him more than the four million."

He goes on to add a nugget of wisdom that I hope to carry with me:  "There are some people who have to do in order to make their mark.  They have to perform, they have to contribute.  And there are some people who only have to be.  Charlie is one who just has to be."  

Matt McGloinComment