Bastard Jones Press Roundup

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"...[Evan Ruggiero], Rene Ruiz, Crystal Lucas-Perry, Alie B. Gorrie, Adam B. Shapiro, Matthew McGloin, Tony Perry, Cheryl Stern, and Elena Wang are literally the perfect cast for this production..."
Broadway World

"...All of the actors bring their delightful characters to life, but Crystal Lucas-Perry and Matthew McGloin stand out. Perhaps it's the sheer number of characters each of them plays, or perhaps the extreme differences of each of those characters, but their depth of commitment never wavers. The two of them have an extremely memorable number when the audience meets Lucas-Perry as Lady Bellaston. She dazzles the audience with her poise, vocal cords, and comedic timing while McGloin entertains as Lord Fellamar, Lady Bellaston's subservient sexual plaything..."
Theatre is Easy

"...Matthew McGloin demonstrates his range with the insincerely pious Blifil, the furious Mr. Fitzpatrick and limp Lord Fellamar who can’t keep up with the sexual needs of Lady Bellaston..."
Theater Scene

"...We hear a piercing head voice from Matthew McGloin who is graceful and shirtless at one point...
The Reviews Hub

"...Bastard Jones could use some trimming in its two and a half hour running time, and some minor tightening of its physical bits, but these are minor considerations for a show in development. I hope Second Stage, MCC Theatre, or any number of New York City’s Off-Broadway theater companies pay a visit to The Cell to see Bastard Jones and perhaps, continue the adventure...”
The Broadway Blog

"...this exemplary off-Broadway production seems poised to make a push toward larger audiences. Marc Acito, the writer of Allegiance, did a superb job of weaving amusing action between entertaining songs setting the stage for gripping reveals. He and lyricist Amy Engelhardt were aided by an energetic cast with strong vocal talent that provided us ample opportunity to bask in awe…[the character of] Mr. Blifil [is] brought to life by a witty Matthew McGloin…"

"...Its nonjudgmental approach to sex and disability, and its brash desire to entertain, are winning...”
NY Times

"...As performed by the enormously talented and notably diverse cast, the production demonstrates that, at least in musical theatre, inclusiveness is possible...”
Talkin Broadway

"...the cast deliver their farce as precisely as their vocals, as individuals as well as a company..."

"...Bastard Jones is randy yet ingenuous; it’s like a very bawdy Disney movie, with hummable pop music to match. Staged with few frills, it relies mainly on the talents of its diverse and impressive cast of nine… the show has legitimate potential..."
Time Out

"...Musical comedy is actually far too tame a way to describe what goes way beyond even musical farce in its rowdy, hellzapoppin approach, throwing realism to the winds and—although there’s no nudity per se—letting it all hang out..."
Theatre’s Leiter Side

"...There are numerous reasons to see “Bastard Jones,” the new musical now playing at the cell, but topping the list is to purely enjoy an evening of raucous fun. Vying for that acclaimed position would be the prodigious cast that provides the farcical, sometimes titillating escapades of Tom Jones…The inclusivity of this production is remarkable and certainly needs to be recognized and applauded. It is admirable but unpretentious, human not preposterous and a reflection of an authentic society. Race, color, gender and physical disabilities are set aside escalating the importance of a nonjudgmental creative arts forum…The entire cast each stands on their own and embraces the word ensemble with undeniable support and understanding of the material and the prominence of camaraderie…Do not miss this limited engagement which certainly deserves a continued life in the vibrant New York theater scene..."
Theatre Reviews Limited

"...Through all the rollicking and romping very much in the style of a British farce there is brilliant comedic timing by every single actor, catchy and powerful songs, and outstanding physical comedy…It somehow manages to be sexy and hilarious at the same time due to the ensemble of incredibly talented triple-threat actors who also take turns in playing different characters throughout in addition to their own main roles which adds lightheartedness to the jaunty antics…You should run to see this show now. Run now, before you have to go on a waitlist to see it on Broadway where it will surely find a deserving, long term home..."
Stage Buddy

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